Advanced Docker Logging - Capturing Drupal's watchdog messages in Graylog

Premise: Capturing Drupal’s watchdog messages in a container Logging in Docker is complicated enough as it is, but it gets even more complicated when Drupal logging is involved. For most Drupal sites, logging with the Dblog module is not sufficient due to scale, and instead is being handled with the Syslog module. The result isn’t pretty, but works flawlessly and integrates with rsyslog, which is available for both Debian and CentOS-based operating systems. Problem: Where did the application logs go? […]

There are a multitude of good articles that explain in detail how to setup service discovery using the above services. Instead, this article will focus on the challenges in getting Service Discovery setup on AWS. Scalable Architecture DR CoN: Docker, Registrator, Consul, Consul Template and Nginx Consul Template for transparent load balancing of containers – Development the way it should be Reasons for using Consul as a service discovery tool Our primary reason for setting up Consul is the move […]