Ansible - Configuration management and infrastructure provisioning without containers

Even though I’m full steam ahead on the Docker train (it should really be a ship, to keep in line with the container metaphors), it was time to look at what everyone else is using for provisioning and configuration management. Here’s my overview of getting Ansible up and running using my laptop as the control node and a few EC2 nodes, as well as a brief description of the components. And judging by the quality of the documentation, which is […]

Scheduled events using AWS Lambda & Cron Jobs

Almost any application needs to be able to run tasks on a schedule. This is usually achieved by setting up cron jobs on a server to run periodically. When we bring containers into the mix, we’ll notice quickly that running a cron daemon inside a container goes against one of the principles of (at least) Docker: “Only run one command in a container”. Sure, there are ways to get around this easily. You could concatenate commands and run them in […]

There are a multitude of good articles that explain in detail how to setup service discovery using the above services. Instead, this article will focus on the challenges in getting Service Discovery setup on AWS. Scalable Architecture DR CoN: Docker, Registrator, Consul, Consul Template and Nginx Consul Template for transparent load balancing of containers – Development the way it should be Reasons for using Consul as a service discovery tool Our primary reason for setting up Consul is the move […]