Building Features and Exportables (The Wave of the Drupal Future) - Live Blogging from Drupal Camp NYC8

By: Frank Carey (frankcarey) Why settings should be in the code and not the database? Common problems with Drupal How to track changes? How to revert back in the case of a mistake? How can configurations be re-used? How to work as a team? How to update settings across sites? How to accomplish this Certain modules have their own import/export capabilities, such as Views, Migrate, Rules Other modules use CTools export API, such as Panels, Context (current standard) Use modules […]

By Seth Cohn (sethcohn) Get the Context module here: Another great module suggestion: (not necessarily related to Context though) What’s the idea of context Context pays attention to what’s happening on the page while the page is being rendered. Developers used to take arguments from the final URL path, but Context is saving a lot of information (such as type, nid, uid etc.) for later use (in the page load process). This is pretty awesome, because all content […]

By: Jingsheng Wang (skyredwang, Some Stats: 1.67 Billion Internet users. 4 Billion Mobile Phone Users. By 2013, mobile phone users with Internet access will surpass Internet users. Or earlier. iPhone has the most page requests (55%), Android next (20%) then Blackberry (12%). Rest is minor. Google experienced 5x more mobile search requests from 2008 to 2010 Simple App: 50K to 150K for a simple mobile app How to expose Drupal APIs to external clients? With the Drupal Services ( […]

By: Robbie (robbiethegeek) What is Drush? Drush enables command-line fans to interact with Drupal from (drumroll) the command line Any tools that work on the command line can be used to interact with your Drupal site using Drush Where to start: Morton the king of Denmark: Development Seed Blog: Install One doesn’t install Drush (it’s not actually a Drupal module) Download and install in ~/bin Add an alias to your .bash_profile (basically, telling the operating system where […]

By Jacob Redding & Jennifer Lampton What’s New: Overview Admin Menu Overlays (can be turned off) FIelds Image Styles (combines all the imagefield, imageapi etc.) RDF Theming Functions New database layer (completely different abstraction layer, less direct DB queries). Goal: broader reach, including Oracle, MS SQL What’s New: Details Overlays for management and content creation functions: Never leave the actual page Basic content type: Article, Basic Page. Article now has an image field included (which is part of core) Tags […]

This is the first time I am doing an intense 2-day Drupal training in Brooklyn, NYC: DrupalCamp NYC 8. I’m unsure about what to expect, but from looking at the schedule, it looks like an intense one, as there are only about 10 minutes of breaks between the sessions 🙂 I’m reviewing the sessions right now and here’s my list of sessions I want to attend: Beginning Drupal 7 HTML5 and Drupal Drush – Intro or What is it good […]

Flickr integrates with Facebook. Sort of. Ok, just a tiny bit.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this integration for years. I’m a Flickr PRO user (haaagendazs), but haven’t really used Flickr that much, since all my friends want to see my photos on Facebook, not Flickr. We’re not quite there yet. As a starting point, Flickr now has an option to automatically push your photo uploads on Flickr to your Facebook news feed. That’s great. However, the thumbnails in my Facebook news feed still link back to Flickr. The […]

After a long time of not posting anything, I decided to revive my blog. Facebook is great for talking to all my friends, but nobody gets anything tech-related. What better way to get back into blogging than a video 🙂 You gotta love TomTom for coming up with a smart marketing move like this: Now, you can listen to Yoda and Darth Vader giving you directions on the road:

The module I’m using at least once a day is (what a surprise) Views. While the module is great and (after somewhat of a learning curve) pretty self-explanatory, I’ve always found it hard to find a good documentation about writing custom views handlers. The Views 2 API manual at has all the information, but is a bit too technical, even for my taste. So for myself, and everyone else trying to write their own custom views handler or just […]

Drupal 5 Views Recipes

I recently finished reading the book “Drupal 5 Views Recipies”, the first book about one of Drupal’s most relevant modules: Views. Here’s my  summary. At first glance, Views’ module page looks like any other page on Only the high number of commits and comments reveal that this is the module that enables site administrators to use Drupal as a Swiss army knife for content display. In a nutshell: Views is a query-builder with an administrative interface that gives site […]