Transferring all your emails, contacts, and calendar entries from PC to Mac

I’ve recently purchased a new Mac Book Pro and am totally in love with it. Installing programs is real easy, working with it is a pleasure. The one area that is giving me a headache is to transfer my most personal files to the Mac: Thousands of emails, contacts and calendar entries. On my good-old IBM T43 Laptop, I was using Outlook (2007) for all of the above, having a love-hate relationship with a piece of software that has the […]

Using CCK, Views and custom theming to show self-defined nodes

For one of my latest projects, I needed to create node relationships. The client wanted to create nodes (“Photos”) that have a common parent node (“Series”). I was contemplating to use OG, as it’s are real powerful module, but decided against it, as the requirements were much smaller. Instead, I decided to use the node_reference field that’s part of CCK to create relationships, which works like a charm. I didn’t run into the problem that these relationships are just pointing […]

Beginners Tutorial for Views 2 Theming: Creating an alternative block for recent comments

After I got my first actual comment last night (yeah!), I wanted to add the “most recent comments” as a block in the sidebar. Drupal comes with a block for that purpose, but I wasn’t happy with the way the block displayed the comments. I remembered that I very much liked the way Typepad displays comments (e.g. like this on a friends blog). I wanted to display the name (linking to the person’s homepage), the word “comment” (linking to the actual […]

Aggregate your online activites on your Drupal site using Activity Stream

One of the things that I love about Facebook is the fact that all my online activities show up as part of my “Facebook Status Updates”. Wouldn’t it be great to have all those updates available in Drupal? I recently came across a module called “Activity Stream“, which offers a Drupal aggregator pulling in updates from Delicious, Digg, Flickr, Last.FM and Twitter. Besides the big 5, it also offers a custom feed option that I haven’t tested yet. Installation of this module […]

Review of Appcelerator platform for Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

A friend asked me to review a new platform called Appcelerator (http://www.appcelerator.com) to find out if this platform offers any benefits for my own software development. My first impression of the Appcelerator website is great. The site looks professional and very Web 2.0-oey. However, it doesn’t quite look like an application platform, more like a business website selling a commercial product related to software development. Appcelerator is a fully-integrated platform for building RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) and is powered by […]

After primarily working with Drupal 5, I wanted to update my SEO skills for Drupal 6 and went through a bunch of tutorials to sum up all the steps and modules required to make a Drupal 6 site ready to be found by all major search engines. The one main requirement is to enable clean URLs. That option can be found at admin/settings/clean-urls Secondly, install and configure Pathauto and Token. Pathauto automatically creates nice-looking paths when creating nodes. Token isn’t […]

If you’re into transparent images and don’t want to battle the 256 colors limitations of GIF files, then transparent PNG images are perfect for you. I usually develop on Firefox, where thinks seem to be a lot more stress-free than Internet Explorer, but know that I need to worry about compatibility. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 6 doesn’t support transparent PNG images out of the box. Gladly, that’s easy to patch: TwinHelix provides an HTC file that enables transparent PNG images for […]

Ahhh … my new Mac Book Pro. 10 days of waiting for it to be shipped from Shangai, and now it’s finally here. It looked great, until I turned it on and stared at the blue screen that welcomed me. Is that a hair behind a screen, or just a crack? And what about these darker blue and ligher blue dots? After testing this Dead Pixel Testing Tool, I found 8 pixels all over the screens that didn’t quite work right. […]

For the setup of this site, I knew that I needed a good way to display source code in stories. I assumed that Drupal would already have a good way to deal with source code in a post, but I found out that this required quite a lot of manual configuration. In addition to just displaying source code nicely, I wanted to be able to use source code in FCKeditor. During my research, I came across a module called GeSHi […]