March 2012

One of my clients’ website viewers are moving from desktop to mobile devices. And of course, he is showcasing a lot of music on his website, currently being displayed using a Flash frontend player, which can’t be viewed on iOS devices. To fix that, I recommended switching to jPlayer, a HTML5-based player that uses Flash as a fallback for browsers that don’t support it yet. This post is intended to provide the missing pieces of information for those of us […]

I recently published a module on that allows site admins to send push notifications to users that have registered their mobile device tokens and got asked how users can register a device token. The Push Notifications module for Drupal 7 can be found here: Here’s a quick tutorial on how to register a token through the services interface. Navigate to the Services admin interface at admin/structure/services: Add a new services endpoint. For this example, I’m going to […]