Recently, I started working with one of the best Titanium Titans on one of my mobile projects. For those people who aren’t familiar with the concept, Titans in the world of Appcelerator’s Titanium are the thought leaders of the project and, obviously, wicked smart developers. In one of our conversations, he mentioned that a lot of his clients need Drupal expertise and want to use Titanium with Drupal 7, and he asked me about a good introductory book for himself. […]

Drupal Mini Series: Drupal 7 Multi-sites Configuration

If you’ve ever read all the way through a Drupal book, you will have found those short chapters at the end that mention some of Drupal’s more advanced features such as multi-lingual sites. Whenever you setup a Drupal installation that requires the word “multi”, you’d wish that those 2 short pages would be filling a whole book. That’s exactly what Packt Publishing has done with a cool new series called “Drupal Mini Series”: A compact, roughly 100 page long book […]

One of my clients’ website viewers are moving from desktop to mobile devices. And of course, he is showcasing a lot of music on his website, currently being displayed using a Flash frontend player, which can’t be viewed on iOS devices. To fix that, I recommended switching to jPlayer, a HTML5-based player that uses Flash as a fallback for browsers that don’t support it yet. This post is intended to provide the missing pieces of information for those of us […]

I recently published a module on drupal.org that allows site admins to send push notifications to users that have registered their mobile device tokens and got asked how users can register a device token. The Push Notifications module for Drupal 7 can be found here: http://drupal.org/project/push_notifications. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to register a token through the services interface. Navigate to the Services admin interface at admin/structure/services: http://cl.ly/3F1429021N2W2y1s2j15 Add a new services endpoint. For this example, I’m going to […]