New Drupal 7 Book: Drupal 7 Module Development

January 7th 2011 was a happy day for all Drupal fans: Drupal 7 got officially released. The two Drupal books that I used to get over the steep learning curve of Drupal 6 module development, Drupal 6 Module Development by Packt Publishing and Pro Drupal Development by Apress, got released for Drupal 7.

While the later is the definite development reference for Drupal, the former was written in a more approchable way. The Drupal 6 version of the book included lots of real-life module examples that made becoming acquainted with Drupal’s API function a fun way to learning module development for Drupal. I can’t wait to work myself through the updated version, “Drupal 7 Module Development“, and will post a detailed review of the book thereafter.