Drupal.org Redesign Imminent

Personally, I’m excited about the upcoming Drupal.org redesign. Not because I think that there is anything wrong with the old design or information architecture – I actually grew to love it. No: I’m mostly excited about the Drupal redesign because I think it will help to push Drupal out of the developer corner and make more people “like” Drupal because of a new design that looks less like a website for geeks only (again: I’m a proud one myself).

Currently, there are some small efforts to make the soon-to-be old Drupal.org look more friendly, but it seems clear to me that a major redesign was needed to communicate the following statement clearly and to the point: Drupal is the most powerful CMS out there.

In my earlier days as a developer, people unsuccessfully attempted to convince me of the power of “Ruby on Rails”. It wasn’t until I started working with Drupal that I found that promised power and ease-of-use, from a developer’s perspective, of course. And that’s the one thing that the current Drupal.org design is not communicating clearly: How powerful Drupal is, how many large organization love it, use it or want to start using it as soon as possible.

In the new design, I too miss the Druplicon looking at me from the top left corner. But I hear Larry in his blog post about the difference between the Druplicon and a logo, and it makes sense to me. One comment in the request to beta-test the new design concerned a lack of character in the new design. While I agree that the new design looks clean but a bit generic, I don’t think the old design had a lot of character because of the visual look of the site itself. The character was coming from the personal involvement of the people using it, and that aspect will continue with the new design

I do think that developers using the Drupal.org issue system will need to adjust to the new look. However, while we will get used to the new look very quickly, Drupal newbies will be much more willing to dive into the beauty of Drupal because of the look of the new website.

Great job!