Flickr integrates with Facebook. Sort of. Ok, just a tiny bit.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this integration for years. I’m a Flickr PRO user (haaagendazs), but haven’t really used Flickr that much, since all my friends want to see my photos on Facebook, not Flickr.

We’re not quite there yet.

As a starting point, Flickr now has an option to automatically push your photo uploads on Flickr to your Facebook news feed. That’s great. However, the thumbnails in my Facebook news feed still link back to Flickr. The feature I’m expecting from Flickr is a feature that uploads my photos in the highest possible resolution to Flickr and then automatically uploads them to Facebook, so I can tag them there and allow my friends to comment on them. They surely won’t create a separate account on Flickr.

So this integration is a bit disappointing, as it doesn’t seem like Yahoo really thought this one through:

  • At first, Flickr created a new news feed entry for every photo that was uploaded. ReadWriteWeb reported about this annoying problem here:
  • To link your account, there’s an option in Flickr under the account tab ( Just activating the Facebook integration here led me to an error message that didn’t tell me what happened. With some extra searching, I found out that I needed to activate the Facebook integration in the Yahoo Pulse settings. First, I didn’t even know that I have a Yahoo Pulse account. Second, Yahoo Pulse seems to suffer from an inner struggle, because it can’t decide if it should present information to me in German or English.
  • Most disappointingly: With this Flickr/Facebook integration active, I still need to upload photos to Facebook manually so my friends on Facebook can comment and rate. Thus, it looks like I’m uploading the same photos twice, which will look confusing for my friends (or make me seem very narcissistic).

After a couple of test uploads, I’m turning this feature back off.