Drush Introduction – Live Blogging from Drupal Camp NYC 8

By: Robbie (

Where to start:

  • http://drupal.org/project/drush
  • Morton the king of Denmark: http://morten.dk/blog/got-crush-drush
  • Development Seed Blog: http://developmentseed.org/tags/drush


  • One doesn’t install Drush (it’s not actually a Drupal module)
  • Download and install in ~/bin
  • Add an alias to your .bash_profile (basically, telling the operating system where this lives):
    alias drush=’/Users/[username]/bin/drush/drush’
  • Video Tutorial: http://civicactions.com/blog/2009/jun/10/drush_20_released_screencast_1_installing_drush_and_getting_started

What can you do with drush?

  • Install Drupal with a command
  • Log directly into mysql (on the command line)
  • Download modules right into the correct location for Drupal (a few at once)
  • Enable modules from the command line
  • Create database dumps
  • Clear your cache (selectively)

So in a nutshell: Pure command line awesomeness. Great presentation!