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Frank Bruni
Born Round
Frank Bruni, a longtime New York Times writer, was the newspaper’s chief restaurant critic. For his memoir, "Born Round: the Secret History of a Full-Time Eater," we developed a website to go along with the launch of his book. On the site, Frank answers questions about weight management, overeating and dieting, publishes his schedule and provides additional information and images beyond the scope of the book itself.
Sean Knibb
Knibb Modular Garden
Sean Knibb, owner of Knibb Design, launched a new garden line called "Knibb Modular", offering a selection of predesigned eco-friendly landscapes featuring pavers, low-maintenance grasses, trees and flowers. The gardens are sold by the square foot and go from selection to installation in less than six weeks. The highlight of this project was a custom "Garden Engine" which allows a user to configure his Garden completely through the website.
The Religious Institute
Religious Institute
The Religious Institute is a multifaith organization dedicated to advocating for sexual health, education and justice in faith communities and society. The Reverend Debra W. Haffner and her team needed a Content Management System that allowed them to easily update and organize content. The site also features a faceted search interface allowing site visitors to search through hundreds of denominational statements.
Mark Bittman
Mark Bittman
Mark Bittman, acclaimed author of "How to Cook Everything" and "Food Matters" hired us to develop his personal website, featuring a selection of his delicious recipes, personal photos and his schedule of appearances.
PeoplesMD is the first niche social bookmarking site exclusively for the health and wellness category with the mission to unlock the hidden potential stored in millions of individual health bookmarks. PeoplesMD members can also turn their personal bookmarks into visual bookmark collections for themselves, their loved ones and the entire health community. These bookmark collections are called "Stacks" and members can browse through them in an iTunes-like manner. provides a great selection of dining furniture and dinette sets for your home. To increase the reach and revenue of, I managed the online marketing efforts, focusing on search engine marketing and optimization.
Corze Tequila
Bacardi USA hired Firstborn to create a website that was as elegant and unique as the packaging and image campaign for Corzo Tequila, which focused on the architecture of Luis Barragan. The design and interface of the site follow a minimalist approach to capture the premium quality of the brand.
Björk CD entitled Medúlla features an a capella landscape filled with rich layers and haunting compositions. The final product offered an organic and interactive experience with an interface that literally moved to the beat of the music in each track.

Dieter Roth worked in nearly a dozen different mediums and was known for creating works with themes such as decay, deterioration, and layering. In one of my first experiences with (back then Macromedia) Flash and Action Script, I participated in the creation of an unconventional interactive experience. The website enables users to literally pick-up and move pieces across the interface, as well as zoom in to view the rich textures of Roth’s art.